Uknha Tey Island and Mekong Island

One of the best ways to get access to both islands is to take a cruise boat from the Preah Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh. It takes one hour along the Mekong River to arrive at the Uknha Tey Island. You can see the splendid view of fishing villages on the banks of the Mekong River; people use various types of fishing equipment. Afterwards, it takes 15 minutes more to get to Mekong Island.


The Mekong Island occupies an area of ten hectares, planned as an authentic showcase for the agricultural, handicraft, zoological, and cultural masterpieces of Cambodia. This island is one of the prominent centers of traditional handicraft in Cambodia. You can see artisans engaging in silk weaving, pottery, woodcarving, and dyeing in its villages.

Agricultural Land (4 ha): You will find most of the Cambodian crops including rice, corn, tobacco and local fruits, and see practices of ancestral cultivating techniques still used today.

Handicraft Village: The inhabitants there show you their skills in making thread and bobbins, dyeing and weaving silk on old looms, making pottery, making osier craftwork, carving wood, doing paintings, making sculptures, and cutting jewels.

Zoo: The villagers there gather elephants, crocodiles, tigers, monkeys, snakes, deer, and birds for a special show.

Dancing Hall: The hall managed by the Faculty of Dance of Phnom Penh shows Cambodian dance and music every afternoon.

Big Restaurant: With its pagoda-style roof, the restaurant made of varnished wood welcomes visitors for lunch. From there the view over both arms of the Mekong River is quite unique.

In the middle of the afternoon, the boat will take you back to Phnom Penh Capital.

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