Kean Svay Resort

The Kean Svay Resort is located in Phoum Thom Commune, Kean Svay District, Kandal Province, and 19 km from Phnom Penh Capital. It can be accessed by the National Road No. 1 and by a trail next to the wall of the Kean Svay Krau Pagoda.


This tourist resort covers an area of 10ha. It has the Khtob River favoring farmers’ farming. Moreover, tourists can proceed to the Ko Am village offering food, such as beef, chicken and fish grills, and fruits, such as jackfruit, mango, banana, coconut, etc.


Most of the tourists from Phnom Penh and Kean Svay’s environs usually go for a picnic and buy fruits, vegetables, and meat there to bring these with them back.

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