Sambok Mount

Kratie Province

Located 315 km away from Phnom Penh Capital, Kratie is the northeastern province of Cambodia, which can be accessed by the National Road No. 7 and No. 13.

Kratie boasts Sambok Mount, Preah Hill, Sopoar Kaley Mount, the 100-column Pagoda, Kampi Resort, Anlong Tnaot Kampi Resort, Chroy Rey Resort, Preak Chrey Meang Resort, etc.


Sambok Mount

The Sambok Mount is superbly situated in Thmor Krè Commune, Kratie District, and 10 km away from the provincial town. It can be accessed by the National Road No. 7 and by a red soil path.

The Sambok Mount is 70 meters in height, beautified by many species of plants and trees. Close to the western mountain foot, a big pond has clear water and water plants. The mountain has three levels, which can be climbed up by three flights of concrete stairs. Each level of the mountain has a track all around and benches for tourists to sit and to gulp in the fresh air. When reaching the mountaintop, tourists will see a small pagoda and enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and the Mekong River.


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