Sasor Muoy Roy Pagoda “100-Column Pagoda”

The Sasor Muoy Roy Pagoda is attractively sited in Sambor District; 36 km north of the provincial town. It can be accessed by the National Road No. 7.


The Sasor Muoy Roy Pagoda is related to the Royal Palace of Samphu Borak Capital during the Chenla era. On its premises, tourists can see four Buddhist temples facing four directions, namely Vihear Lao facing west, Vihear Sasor Muoy Roy facing north, Vihear Kork Keut facing east, and Vihear Kork facing south.


During the Khmer New Year, the local people living near the former Samphu Borak Capital usually celebrate the nine-day festival by starting at Vihear Sasor Muoy Roy first, then Vihear Kork, and last Vihear Lao.

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