Top Destination Rabbit Island, Koh Tonsay 

Better known as Rabbit Island, Koh Tonsay is a lovely little island about 25 minutes away from Kep by hired boat, making it one of the most easily accessible of all the islands. It is also one of the least-developed, with no motor vehicles, no mains electricity and few residents, making it an ideal getaway from the grind. Definitely not flashpacking, Koh Tonsay will float your boat if you appreciate a good sunset. 

Accommodation runs the length of the beach, with a choice of single or duplex huts. The cheapest, at $6, do not have their own bathroom. Pay up to $15 for a sit-down toilet and cold shower, or between $8-$12 for a squat toilet, bucket shower and tap. Forget complementary toothbrushes and air-con — rooms come with a bed, a fan and a mosquito net.  

If you want to get more active, you’re on a fishing village island remember, so look into trying to rustle up a fishing trip — either through the boatman who brought you in the first place, or else through just about anybody else on the island. Snorkels and masks are available to hire for $1 per day and plenty of colorful fish swim in the warm shallow water.

You can also head out to Koh Svay (Mango Island) or Koh Pos (Snake Island). Koh Pos has a white sandy beach flanked by a small Cambodian fishing village. If you want to escape the crowds on Koh Tonsay, which does get busy, this is a nice retreat. It is, like many Cambodian beaches, quite litter-strewn however. You can hire snorkeling gear on Koh Tonsay to bring along, and we’re told that the snorkeling here is lovely. Koh Svay’s charms are less apparent. A mango orchard (hence the name!) climbs up the small hill from the top of which you can get some nice views of Kep. Other than that, we’re not really sure why you’d go. You can get to both from Koh Tonsay for $30 per boat, or from the mainland for $50 per boat.

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