Top Destination Boeng Kayak Mangrove Forest

A part of Peam Krasob Wildlife Sanctuary and less than 10 kilometers from the provincial town, Boeung Kayak Mangrove Forest is a community-managed ecotourism resort which has a kilometer-long mangrove walk with a series of elevated walkways, picnic platforms, a suspension bridge, and a 15-meter-high tower that provide spectacular panoramic overviews.

While in Boeung Kayak, tourists will enjoy a leisurely picturesque stroll under the mangroves along the elevated mangrove footpath winding in the forest. Once getting down from the tower, tourists do not need to walk back to the entrance but may hire boats to birdwatch among the mangroves. If spending the night there, tourists will be truly amazed by thousands of fireflies lighting up the forest.

The entrance fees to the resort are just 5,000 riels for foreigners and 3,000 riels for Cambodians, and the incomes will be used to support the conservation of the resort and the managing community (these fees are subject to change!). Therefore, tourists’ visits to Boeung Kayak Mangrove Forest will not only offer them a breath-taking experience of the nature of the mangroves but also contribute to the environmental conservation efforts as well as the improvement of the living standard of the local community.

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