Top Destination Coffee Plantation Resort - Mondulkiri

Coffee Plantation Resort is one of the famous and most visited resorts in Mondulkiri Province because of its beautiful view of the coffee farm. It is located in the northeast of Sen Monorom by traveling around 3 kilometers from the Kouprey roundabout. At the Coffee Plantation Resort, there is not only the coffee farm but also many kinds of flowers and plantation such as durian, pepper and many other plants. Moreover, there is also a beautiful lake along with a small restaurant beside it, where you can enjoy your coffee with the view of the lake and the coffee farm.
Most visitors usually spend only a half-day tour at there, but you can also have an overnight stay too because they also provide bungalow for anyone who wants to spend more time to enjoy the view. If you want to enjoy a really nice view of the coffee farm and taste the local coffee in Mondulkiri Province, you might want to make a visit to the Coffee Plantation Resort.

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