Top Destination Phnom Bai Chow in Mondulkiri

Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers 2,225sq km of forest, was designated as a protected area by royal decree in 1993. It is a diverse area of rainforests, mountainous pastures, sparse forests and wet grass fields. Looking down at the forest from an overlook allows visitors to take in the majestic sights and see the valley as a sea of greenery. Located along National Road 76, from Mondulkiri to Ratanakkiri province, the sanctuary is some 10km from Sen Monorom town. The overlook at Phnom Bai Chow mountain is just six months old and has quickly grown into a place for travellers to take photos and view the Kingdom’s untouched beauty. Len stands at the gates of this wonderful spot taking tickets and giving change. Despite having only one arm, this war veteran zips through his motions and welcomes tourists to the overlook with a smile. Standing in his old uniform, he explains that he lost his arm during factional fighting in 1997.

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