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1. Trekking to Chambok waterfall
Chambok ecotourism site is just next to the Kirirom National Park. Be prepared for some exercise about 4 kilometers trek, interaction with local villagers, and discovery of Cambodia's unique natural biodiversity, visitors will enjoy with other activities such as hiking, ox-cart riding, renting bicycles, picnicking, bird watching, bathing at the stream and the waterfall, and visiting a bat -cave. Furthermore, visitors can possibly have a lunch in a villager's house prepared by local women, including fruit and coconut at the waterfall.

The Chambok Community-based Ecotourism site lies at the border of Kirirom National Park in Kompong Speu province. It boasts a beautiful 40-meter high waterfall, which can be reached via a 3 km nature trail. The site serves as a model for best practice in communitybased ecotourism in Cambodia. 

The Chambok site is an initiative developed in 2001 by a local environment organization Mlup Baitong, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment. the aim was to address the issues of deforestation and community livelihoods for villagers in the area, who depend on the forests to produce charcoal to make a living. Through community education programs, they were shown the benefits of protecting the forests for future generations. 

Since then, the Chambok ecotourism project was developed to provide an alternative income to the villagers. Managed by the villagers of Chambok commune, all revenues from tourism stay in the community and help them to protect the forest and manage it in a sustainable way. Trained local guides are available to share their knowledge of the nature, history and cultural aspects of the area. The site also has a visitor centre and a restaurant where the local youth stage dance performances and Khmer food is served.

Chambok Eco-tourism Resort, around 70km from Phnom Penh in Kampong Spue province, is just a few kilometres away from Kirirom Hillside resort. But while Kirirom is an upscale luxury retreat, Chambok is successful and sustainable community project. Unlike many similar schemes, Chambok is run with definite and realistic aims in mind conservation that benefits local communities through tourism. Ecotourism is very important for community development, explained Chan Sokha, KCD's director. Chambok is managed by the community, but benefits from it. The project supports families and the community.

Situated next to Kirirom National Park, Chambok has a lot of attractions and activities to offer to both local and international tourists who are strongly interested in nature. It is well known for its three streams, including the biggest with over 40 meters of beautiful waterfall. Tourists can take guided tours to one of those streams and enjoy the views while hiking through the forest. The English speaking guides will tell a lot about both animals living in the forests and plants growing there. Beside these three waterfalls there is a unique opportunity of experimenting a bat cave and its hundreds of inhabitants.

Next to Chambok ecotourism site the Kirirom National Park is situated with a basic guesthouse and restaurant inside. The Kirirom Hillside resort is a hotel containing several bungalows, a restaurant, theme park and swimming pool at the border of Kirirom National Park. The small town of Treng Trayeung with its market and restaurants is close to Chambok as well.
2. Camping
Camping: Chambok home stay welcome for all visitor who interesting and want to arrange camping with our Chambok home stay we will arrange for visitor with small price for setup camping.
So visitor can contact us by e-mail or phone number on our website.


Spend a night or two at one of our homestays for an insight into everyday village life and an opportunity to connect with local people.

As is the case with most rural homes in Cambodia, there is no/limited electricity. Fresh water is available for washing. Beds come complete with mosquito nets.

For more on our Homestays, check out the ‘Food & Lodging’ page.

Food & Lodging

Staying a day or two (or more) at Chambok allows visitors to experience the full range of what our community has to offer – from exploring the natural landscape, to interacting with villagers, and sampling local cuisine.

The three main facilities we provide that help ensure a warm welcome for all our guests are: the Women’s Restaurant, village Homestays, and our Visitors Center.


Run by a rotating roster of  328 women, the Women’s Restaurant is a special part of every visitor’s stay in Chambok. All meals are made from locally sourced ingredients and are freshly prepared using traditional cooking methods.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to all guests – including those booked into one of our homestays. This insures that the money paid for meals does not go to just one family, but is spread throughout the community.

Chambok has a collection of 42 homestays spread across its 9 villages, each one providing a family welcome to their guests.

Homestays offer a unique insight into everyday village life and give visitors a chance to connect with local people. Most families farm smallholdings, growing rice and vegetables while also raising a few cows, chickens and pigs.

As with most rural homes in Cambodia – our homestays have no or very limited electricity. Fresh water is available for washing. Beds come complete with mosquito nets.

Guests might want to bring their own flashlight, toiletries and towel.


Our Visitors Center is comprised of our Women’s Restaurant and Performance Center, along with with lots of tables and chairs for taking a break. It often serves as a meeting place for both visitors and locals alike.

If you feel like just relaxing, there are hammocks available for hire – along with lots of trees to tie them to, just pick your spot!

There is also a small exhibition about Chambok, its flora and fawna, as well as the development of ecotourism in the community.

Arrange your visit

At Chambok, we cater for individuals, small groups and even large groups of 100 or more. Take a look at the things you can do and our sample itineraries.

Scroll down to see more details about how to get here and a map of our exact location.

For group bookings, check out our Tour Groups page for more information.

To arrange your visit, just give us a call (see below), let us know what you are interested in, and when you’d like to come. We just need at least two days advance notice.


Chambok is located in Kampong Spue province, Chambok commune, Phnom Srouch district  and travelling with national road 4, by spent 2 hours from Phnom Penh to Chambok you can travel by mini van, or by bus.

VAN  (12-seats):
We can arrange for a local driver to collect you from your hotel in Phnom Pehn or Sihanoukville and take you directly to Chambok.

A cheaper option might be to come by bus. Many buses run between Phnom Pehn and Sihanoukville, with several departing each hour, many also have air-conditioning. Most hotels will help you book a ticket, say you want to be dropped at Treng Trayueng town (and let the bus driver know too).

If we know when you are coming, we can arrange for a local driver to bring you, that remaining around 20km to Chambok.

3. Cycling Tour in the village


      Ox-carts are used in rural communities throughout Cambodia. They help farmers plow their fields and carry heavy loads from the village to the nearest marketplace.

Take a ride on an ox-cart to experience this traditional form of transport.


The Chambok community consists of 9 villages, and one of the easiest and best ways to get around is via a bicycle.

The wind in your hair keeps you cooler than walking, while the pace is slow enough for riders to absorb their surroundings.


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