Banan Grape Farm

Banan Grape Farm or it's often called Chomka Tompeangbaychour or Battambong Grape Farm is located in Botsala Village, Chheu Teal, Banan District, Battambang province and far about ~14km away from Lok Ta Dombong Khieu Nhung.

Banan Grape Farm is in the category of the farm, and innovation. Things to do, as well as the attractions of Banan Grape Farm for tourists such as drink grape wine, farm view, grape farm, places to eat and more. 

For the trip to the location of Banan Grape Farm, it is easy because it is not necessary to walk and cross the river or take a boat. For parking, tourists can park directly at the location.

For a relaxing seating area, Banan Grape Farm is not yet set up a seating area for tourists. Besides Banan Grape Farm has food ordering or food stations but for the canteen and restaurant are not exist.

For accommodation, Banan Grape Farm is not available yet such as bungalow, guesthouse, and hotel.

For the price of access to​​​​​​ Banan Grape Farm is free of charge.

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