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Cambodia is a land of natural and man-made wonders, exotic destinations and friendly people. EXPERIENCE Cambodia the Adventure-Cambodia way. EXPLORE lost cities and temples hidden in the jungles - DISCOVER village smiles and remote hill tribes - AMAZE in the spectacular landscapes and natural wonders of the Mekong River - RELAX on an island in the Mekong or on board a fishing boat at sea - SEE UP CLOSE freshwater dolphins, flooded forests, waterfalls, traditional village life - ADVENTURE kayaking, cycling, trekking, fishing, diving, dirt biking, boat trips - UNIQUE tours, destinations, sights and experiences.

Below is a listing of adventure activities in Cambodia.

Kayaking: Maneuver the flooded forests of the Mekong, see rare fresh water dolphins up close, and kayak down river through remote jungles and wetlands. Kayaking in Cambodia is a truly unique experience.

Cycling: Cycle through ancient ruins and small villages, along quiet coastal roads and paths and across idyllic river islands as you pass through the subtle beauty of Cambodia's countryside on a bicycle tour.


Trekking: Explore remote jungles and waterfalls, trek to lost hill tribe villages and experience the wilds in a Cambodian trekking adventure.

Fishing: Try for the big fish in the remote wilds of the Mekong or enjoy a relaxing getaway with plenty of fish by charter on the sea.

Dirtbike: From lost jungle cities to serene coastal highways and rough jungle trails, seeing Cambodia by dirt bike is an adventure like no other.

River Trips: From turbulent waters, freshwater dolphins and flooded forests in the north to lazy currents, idyllic island and floating villages, the Mekong River can be a highlight of any trip to Cambodia.


Scuba Diving: Enjoy world class instruction, clear waters, amazing sea life and secluded islands in some of the worlds least explored diving sites off Cambodia's coast.

Boat Tours: Explore the Mekong River and Silk Islands by boat. Travel between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap with a boat connection tour.






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