Independence Monument

Erected in 1955, the Independence Monument symbolizes Cambodian Independence gained from French colonialism in 1953. This monument is elegantly decorated with motifs of the one-hundred Naga heads, which is a copy of the Bakong temple (a temple from the Roluos group of the 9th century).

On 9th November each year, government officials from the various ministries and institutions would congregate here to celebrate the anniversary of the national independence.

In commemoration of the souls of brave combatants and heroes who had laid down their lives for the freedom of the country, senior military and police officers would march before the Independence Monument, accompanied by a military band. The King ceremoniously lights up the “Glory Torch” placed inside the monument; then in a festive manner, colorful balloons are let loose into the sky.

During the night, the Independence Monument is adorned with multi-colored laser lights emerging from the garden fountain surrounding it, while fireworks are displayed from a boat on the Tonlé Sap. These are a magnificent spectacle to behold. These colorful lights also beautify the night sky during holidays and other festivals.


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