Wind Boutique Hotel

The hotel is artfully decorated with artifacts from Cambodia and the Mekong beyond. Additional facilities include

Wind Restaurant offering an affordable experience of authentic royal Khmer cuisine, and Café Place. The Wind Boutique Hotel is your home from home in SiemReap.

The temples of Angkor, capital of Cambodia’s ancient Khmer empire, are the perfect fusion of creative ambition and spiritual devotion.

Wind Boutique Hotel, your retreat at Angkor, is just a short distance away from these magnificent temples and offers the perfect blend of contemporary comfort and traditional Khmer & French design. Built as a family home, this is an intimate escape from the bustle of downtown SiemReap and offers the perfect place to rest and recharge after exploring the world’s most impressive collection of temples.

Traditional Khmer Hospitality in Indochina Arts and Tropical Garden Surrounds

Wind Boutique is located just off the main road to the one and only Angkor Wat. It is located about half way between the Angkor Watand SiemReap town, making it the perfect spot to explore the temples or venture into the boutiques, bars and restaurants of the downtown. The spacious, luxurious rooms are decorated in Khmer style. Furniture is built using authentic materials from the period. Every room is equipped with modern amenities and facilities. Guests can also find a restaurant, bar, swimming pool. Free wi-fiis also available.

Here at Wind Boutique Hotel, service is personalized to meet the guest’s demand. Staying at Wind Boutique Hotel and you will experience the art of Khmer hospitality.

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