Angkor Chey Pagoda

Angkor Chey Pagoda is magnificently sited in Banteay Dèk Commune, Kean Svay District; 29 km away from Phnom Penh. Travelers from Phnom Penh or Takhmao must cross the Monivong Bridge and travel east along the National Road No. 1. The pagoda gate is on the right of the road. Before reaching the pagoda, visitors will cross a 100m wooden bridge. Under the bridge is a big pond that can hold water for use in the dry season.

Behind the pagoda, on the termite mound is a Buddhist shrine called “Dambok Khmao”. It is believed once to have been the holy home of a powerful person or king because of the remaining objects such as tools, bowls and pots there. Now, Dambok Khmao has been elaborately decorated and properly maintained due to residents’ superstitions.

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