Sopoar Kaley Mount

The Sopoar Kaley Mount is located on the west bank of the Mekong River, in Chambok Commune, Preak Brasop District, and 45 km south of the provincial town. It can be accessed by a red soil path.


This beautiful mountain is over 100 meters in height. To reach the mountaintop, tourists can climb up a flight of 800 stone stairs to visit an ancient pagoda. Furthermore, the mountain overlooks the countryside and the Mekong River. Legend has it that this mountain was formed by a hermit’s crocodile named “Sopoar Kaley”. The crocodile Sopoar Kaley failed in a fight against another crocodile named “Nén Thon” and died. Then, the dead crocodile formed the Sopoar Kaley Mount.

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