Adventure to Kampot Province

1. Kampot River Park
River Park Zipline - Kampot - Kampot
Kampot Zipline River Park officially opened on the 16th of March 2016, and contrary to what you may think, this action-packed experience receives most of its customers among Cambodian thrill-seekers. So far, 80 percent of the customers have been Cambodians, while the remains 20 percent have been expats living in Cambodia and foreign travelers visiting Kampot.

The River Park gives Cambodians a unique opportunity to try out ziplining in a fun and safe environment while not having to empty their pockets. The experience currently costs only 5 USD and includes safety equipment and instructions, an exciting walk up the spiralling bamboo stairway to the zipline platform at the top of a tall tree, ziplining over the Kampot river, and a pleasant rowing trip back across the river.

River Park (ឧទ្យានដងព្រែក) are offering Zipline, Rope tree, Floating Bar, boating, water games, sky bungalow and more. It open from 9am to 5pm. At the Toek Chhou Rapids, past the Kampot Zoo about 10KM outside of town. Tel: +855 31 230 0333

2. Kampong Trach Mountain
Kampong Trach is the district that borders Vietnam. The road trip from Kampot to the main town passes though some picturesque rural areas. There is a new side road to Kampong Trach town that skirts the base of Phnom Voar, (where the victims of the 1994 Khmer Rouge kidnappings were held.) These mountain areas of Kampong Trach were one of the last Khmer Rouge holdouts. Kampong Trach town is small and relatively uninteresting. The area's main attraction is a series of limestone caves and tubes that have been carved.into a nearby mountain. The roof of a large cave in the center of a mountain has collapsed, making a small, enclosed jungle.

Pagodas and shrines have been built amongst the caves, providing for some excellent photo possibilities. Bring a flashlight and wear good walking shoes. From Kampot, take the Kep road, bear left at the White Horse Monument and follow to Kampong Trach. After a few kilometers the road changes to badly broken pavement. The side road mentioned above requires a left turn onto a graded dirt road about 7 km past the White Horse Monument. It is not a straightforward route and it may be better if you go with a guide. Set aside the better part of a day for the trip to the caves and back.
3. Prek Thnout Community Based Ecotourism

Located at the base of Bokor Mountain range, less than 1 hour from Kampot town, you will find unique unspoiled nature, fresh air, spectacular evergreen forests, clean rivers, exotic wildlife (wild monkeys, birds, peacocks), tasty local food, tranquility, peace and traditional rural Cambodian village life.

Location / Getting there

25km or 45 minutes from Kampot town. Follow National Road No. 3 west, towards Sihanoukville. After sign post KM174 (Trapaing 6 km) on the left, and crossing a small bridge, you will see the Eco-Tourism sign on the right-hand side. Turn right and right again, follow the dirt road for 5 minutes. Lat/Long: 10° 35'44.2"N 103° 57'47.4E

Managed by NGO/ Organization: Originally setup by Save Cambodia’s Wildlife (SCW)

Booking: No booking required

Year established:  2007


• Electricity
• Toilets
• No WiFi – talk to each other 

Best travel time

• Dry season recommended (early November – late May)
• Rainy season not recommended (early June – late October)
Don’t miss • Watching the wild monkeys play, but be careful so they don’t steal your food or shiny belongings
• Refreshing swim in “Blue Water Pool” of Prek Thnout river
• Traditional rural Cambodian village lifestyle with local houses, food, clothes, animals (chicken, cows, dogs) and much more

Plan trip 1 day

• Arrive before lunch: take a stroll through the village
• Enjoy delicious local food: visitor’s favorite is spicy fried BBQ chicken, a true specialty – this region is famous for its homegrown, organic chicken
• Relax & unwind in a hammock: recharge your batteries in nature
• Take a stroll through the forest to “Blue Water Pool”: Swim in the stream (500 meters / 15 minutes from village; only in dry season)
• Watch wild animals: monkeys, birds, peacocks, swallows & famous nests (only in dry season)
• Discover local flora / plants: wild orchids, passion fruit, bamboo, etc.
• Visit the local rattan furniture production: approx. 1.5km walk from village
• Return in the late afternoon: Back to Kampot or on to Sihanoukville

Organizations’ aspiration for the future

In the near future, the villagers of Prek Thnout are hoping to offer again homestays incl. join the villager’s daily routine, introduce Peacock watching and develop a water purification enterprise.

Community Support

The entrance fee (1,000 Riels for locals / 3 USD for foreigners) goes directly to the Community Fund, which is used for common interests like infrastructure development (e.g. roads, bridges) and social support (e.g. schools, funerals). 800+ families (~2,000 villagers) live in the Community Protected Area (CPA) of Prek Thnout. They generate income from farming, fishing, factory work, supplemented by these Eco-Tourism activities.

Profile of community member

• Mr. CHRIK Sowann
• Deputy Chief of Eco-Tourism CPA & Eco-Tourism
• Tel. +855 (0)97 78 87 027; +855 (0)69 95 44 27
• Currently only speaking Khmer, learning English


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