Phnom Khiev Waterfall

Phnom Khiev Waterfall or it's often called Phnom Khiev Rapids is located in Snuol Village, Ouatavao Commune, Pailin City, Pailin province and far about ~9km away from Grandma Yat Statue.

Phnom Khiev Waterfall is in the category of the waterfall, and natural tourism site. Things to do, as well as the attractions of Phnom Khiev Waterfall for tourists such as swimming, view mountain landscape, picnic and more. 

Phnom Khiev Waterfall is one of the most famous resorts in Pailin province. And the resort is a natural resort with a jungle, a mountain, a clean breeze, lush greenery, and especially beautiful waterfalls.

Besides natural scenery of waterfall views of the Phnom Khiev Waterfall, tourists can climb up to the roots of the wood that comes from the land and It looks like a pair of dragons that make some tourists surprised when they see it.

Phnom Khiev Waterfall has a relaxing dining area, and because the tourist area is not far from the city, and also beautiful resorts, this area can attract a lot of national and international tourists.

After lunch, tourists often swim to the water with the cool water in the waterfall, it's often called "Seven steps waterfall". Phnom Khiev Waterfall is about two kilometers in height. In fact, the seven steps waterfall really fit the name because the water flowing from above, about two kilometers high, is flowing through seven stone steps.

Because of the Phnom Khiev Waterfall, just make international and international tourists have memorized with Pailin province.

For the trip to the location of Phnom Khiev Waterfall, it is easy because it is not necessary to walk and cross the river or take a boat. For parking, tourists can park directly at the location.

For a relaxing seating area, Phnom Khiev Waterfall has a seating area for tourists, and there is also order food directly from there. Besides Phnom Khiev Waterfall has food ordering or food stations but for the canteen and restaurant are not exist.

For accommodation, Phnom Khiev Waterfall is not available yet such as bungalow, guesthouse, and hotel.

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