Independence Beach “Prampi Choan Beach”

The Independence Beach gets its name from the 7-storey Independence Boutique Resort and Spa (formerly the Independence Hotel) sitting atop the rocky point at the north end of the beach. The English speakers generally refer to this beach as “Independence Beach”, but many of the locals refer to it as “Otel Prampi Choan (7-storey hotel)”, and it is labeled “Prampi Choan Beach” on the in-town street signs.


The Independence Beach is more than a kilometer long, but the sandy area is a bit narrow, making the beach best when the tide is lower. At the southern end of the beach, opposite the Sea Breeze Hotel, seafood shacks with several grass umbrellas are served by drink vendors clustering together on the sand just a couple of meters off the water. At the northern end of the beach, the Independence Boutique Resort sitting on the hill overlooks the sea. A small freshwater lake that serves as the source of the Preah Sihanouk Province’s fresh water sits at the base of the hill.


The beach is averagely crowded after the Sokha Beach. Most of the local tourists who visit there have strong sentimental attachment to the huge waves lapping on the shore.

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