Phnom Penh Markets

The vibrant capital has its unmatched charms, traditional markets. There should be plenty of time to go shopping here.

The Phsar Thom Thmei, or the Central Market, erected in Art Deco in 1937, is a Phnom Penh landmark. Its central yellow dome sprouting four wings is chockfull of stalls selling clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics, stationery, and souvenirs. It is a good place for seeking a large selection of souvenirs, such as Buddha images, bronze ware, ceramic ware, cottons, folk handicrafts, jewellery, Khmer silks, pewter ware, pottery, precious stones, silver ware, wooden carvings, and musical instruments.


The Tuol Tompoung Market “Russian Market” has a large collection of genuine souvenirs, such as bronze ware, ceramic ware, cottons, folk handicrafts, jewellery, Khmer silks, etc.

Soriya Market

The Soriya Market – a modern shopping center – is conveniently located south of the Thmei Market or the Central Market and just in Trasok Phaèm Street (St 63), Phnom Penh. On the block of the Phnom Penh market scene, it differs from any other market in the city because it is built of quality concrete and transparent glass. The market has its multi-storey parking lots ranging from the lower storey to the upper storey. It boasts many small shops where sell fast food, meat, vegetables, cutlery, utensils, toys, chemicals, cosmetics, deodorants, perfumes, clothing, electronics, VCD, DVD, souvenirs, gold jewellery, silverware, etc for your special needs. The Soriya Modern Market, which is also called, proves very popular with middle-class people and foreign tourists. Please enjoy shopping here!

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