Kachanh Waterfall

Located in Kachanh Commune, Banlung District, the Kachanh Waterfall is 6 km from the Banlung town. The waterfall is 12 m in height, which flows endlessly down to the Kantoeng Stream and to the Srè Pork River in Lomphat District.

We call the waterfall “Kachanh” because we follow the ethnic minority of Kreung in Kachanh Village. Among the stream and rubber plantation, the Kachanh Waterfall provides the great scenery for tourists. The stream’s bottom can be accessed by a wooden stair having approximately 72 steps. On the side of the top of the waterfall, big trees branching out provide shade for tourists picnicking there. On the side of the stream, there is a stand stair built in 1998 for tourists to get on the elephant’s back for their enjoyable riding.

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