Cha Ong Waterfall

Located in the middle of forest in Cha Ong Village, Aur Chum District, the Cha Ong Waterfall is 2 km from the Banlung town. It can be accessed by the National Road No. 19, then turning right by a trail about 6 km.

We call the waterfall “Cha Ong” because we follow the ethnic minority of Kreung in Cha Ong Village. The source of the waterfall is from the mountain named “Esey Patamak or Svay” close to the Banlung town.

Seen from above is a small canal which continuously flows at a height of 25 km through the broken rocks down to a stream. For viewing the waterfall, tourists should go down to the stream below where they can see a big rocky cave with a plain roof. At the bottom of the stream, many big rocks are used as the seats for viewing the water falling down from the mountaintop.

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