Romblang Terrace

Located in Aur Chum Commune, Aur Chum District, the Romblang Terrace is a long flat rocky area surrounded by forest. It can be accessible by the provincial road from the Banlung town to the Or Chum District within the 10km distance, then turning right at the junction to Ta Veng District within the more 4km distance.

The Romblang Terrace story of the Kreung minority said that once upon a time, there was a boy named “Romblang” who flew a kite in a rocky terrace. The kite got stuck at the top of a tree. The boy climbed up the tree to take the kite, but unfortunately, he fell down from the tree and died here. The corpse of the boy was buried in the forest here. Since then, the Kreung nationals in the nearby village have believed that his spirit is living on for protecting the forest around the terrace. Just because the forest belongs to the spirit, they dare not to cut down the trees to grow their plants. Therefore, the terrace “Romblang” comes from the body’s name.

Tourists who visit this rocky terrace usually package their food along for a superb picnic.

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