Cambodia Angkor Air

The name of Cambodia Angkor Air was developed to reflect Cambodian civilization, culture and national pride to the world that the carrier is serving. The symbols and colors are deeply meaningful and distinctive to Cambodia. The symbol chosen for the Cambodia Angkor Air logo is comprised of the “Top Stupa of Angkor Wat” which represented the soul of the prosperous Cambodian civilization during the Angkor Era. The “Wing of Garuda” attached to the right of the Angkor Wat Stupa represents the power of the Garuda which was the most powerful God.
The golden Angkor Wat Stupa and the Wing of the Garuda are placed against a purple background. The purple color is a mixture of Cambodian three-colored national flag (red, blue and white). The colors of gold and purple are not duplicated by any other airline so they cannot be confused by individuals as being another airline company.
Our mission:
1. Treat customers with respect and courtesy.
2. Ensure our service exceeds our customers’ expectations.
3. Develop close relationships between our staff and customers

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