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Landing Page | Cambodia Kingdom Of Wonder - Official site of Cambodia Ministry of Tourism
ចុងសប្តាហ៍ និងថ្ងៃឈប់សម្រាកបោះឆ្នោត កម្ពុជាទទួលបានភ្ញៀវទេសចរផ្ទៃក្នុងជាង ២៩ម៉ឺននាក់

Kingdom of Wonder - Feel the Warmth

Events and Festivals
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Recommended Travel Destination
  • Cultural and Heritage Zone Angkor Thom
    Angkor Thom is undeniably an expression of the highest genius. It is in three dimensions and on a scale worthy of an entire nation, the materialization of Buddhist cosmology, representing ideas that only great painters would dare to portray.
  • Cultural and Heritage Zone Baphuon Temple
    North of the Golden Tower [Bayon] rises the Tower of Bronze [Baphuon], higher even than the Golden Tower: a truly astonishing spectacle, with more than ten chambers at its base.
  • Cultural and Heritage Zone Angkor Wat Temple
    ANGKOR WAT - HERITAGE OF HUMANITY AND WORLD WONDER Asset: Tangible Culture Locality: Siem Reap Province Date of Proclamation : 1992
Phnom Penh & Surrounding
  • Phnom Penh & Surrounding Zone Praseth Mount
    About 1 km away from here, a man-made cultural site is called “Phnom Reap or Prasat Vihear Suor”. Based on the style of Angkor Wat, Phnom Reap constructed of stone and cement between 1996 and 1998 cost about US$ 1 million. The money was raised from loca
  • Phnom Penh & Surrounding Zone Koh Dach
    Koh Dach located 20 km northeast of Phnom Penh has an area of 30 square kilometers. It can be reached by the National Road No. 6A and by boat across the Mekong River. It takes one hour to get there.
  • Phnom Penh & Surrounding Zone Kean Svay Resort
    The Kean Svay Resort is located in Phoum Thom Commune, Kean Svay District, Kandal Province, and 19 km from Phnom Penh Capital. It can be accessed by the National Road No. 1 and by a trail next to the wall of the Kean Svay Krau Pagoda.
Coastal Zone
  • Coastal Zone Independence Beach “Prampi Choan Beach”
    The Independence Beach gets its name from the 7-storey Independence Boutique Resort and Spa (formerly the Independence Hotel) sitting atop the rocky point at the north end of the beach. The English speakers generally refer to this beach as “Independence B
  • Coastal Zone Victory Beach
    The beach has several shacks, bars and restaurants offering beach chairs and umbrellas, inner tubes, cold drinks, seafood barbeque, Cambodian food, and some western dishes. It is very suitable for the beach-goers to have fresh seafood and to see a spectac
  • Coastal Zone Ream National Park
    The Ream National Park, located 18 km east of Preah Sihanouk Town, was declared a protected area in 1993. Covering an area of 150,000 hectares, the park stretches to the coastal zone, including sandy beaches
Ecotourism Zone
Travel by Favorite
  • Travel by Favorite Khmer cuisine
    If you want a taste of Cambodia’s culinary heritage, look out for these classic dishes. Most feature on all good cafe and restaurant menus, as well as being available at markets and street food stalls.
  • Travel by Favorite Massages & Spas in Cambodia
    Massage for health and relaxation is a time-honored tradition throughout Southeast Asia with Cambodia offering its own distinctive traditions in massage therapy. Most big cities in Cambodia has serveral massage shops and spas catering to visitors.
  • Travel by Favorite Advantures tours
    Cambodia is a land of natural and man-made wonders, exotic destinations and friendly people. EXPERIENCE Cambodia the Adventure-Cambodia way. EXPLORE lost cities and temples hidden in the jungles
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