Phnom Penh Sorya Bus

Phnom Penh Sorya Dekchumchoun Nakdamnoeur Co. Ltd. (PPSDN) was founded on 16 October 2006, by take-over from Phnom Penh Ho Wah Granting Transport Co. Ltd. The company was providing travelers with passenger services in the Kingdom of Cambodia and overseas, i.e., in Vietnam. They had 50 staffs and 25 Buses which were travelling to many provinces. During 2005 the company was closed due to bankruptcy, and finally it was taken over by PPSDN in 2006.

The PPSDN is located at Street 217-67 Sangkat Pharthmey 2, Khan Doan Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is proud to be one of the nation’s leading transportation Company which specializes in providing the best services to all passengers. It fulfills the aspirations of the passengers and the community that it serves and provides in time, high safety, high confidence transportation to anywhere in Cambodia and other neighboring countries. It quickly responds to all passengers needs and extends travel schedules to all of the provinces, which makes the company an excellent choice for people those who want to travel around Cambodia and nearby countries. Presently, PPSDN has 150 staff members which include 20 male and 30 female staffs. The non-technical staffs comprise of 70 drivers and maintenance workers and the number of technical staff is 25. The total number of buses running to different destinations is 37.

Within a short span of time the company has grown faster in expanding the time schedule accessed by its passengers in rural communities across the country and especially, to the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Currently, the company has 37 ticket counter offices located around the country. Besides, it has overseas counters in three countries, such as Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. The company has travel agencies spread around Cambodia as well as overseas. In total, there are 565 travel agencies which includes 526 local travel agencies and the remaining overseas, including Vietnam 17 agencies, Laos 19 agencies and Thailand three agencies.

The company has gained a national reputation for its commitment to provide the best services to all passengers. It provides professional services with the code of ethics to all passengers and improves the standards and quality of vehicles. It has great pride in extending excellent services to around 1800 to 2700 passengers per day and has earned recognition from National Committee of Roads Traffic Safety in 2013. To build a strong corporate relationship with others, the company has made agreements with many local and international NGOs, Banks, Embassy of America, United Nations, Embassy of Korea, International travel agencies, Vietnam travel agencies, Thai travel agencies, Laos Travel Agencies, etc. The company promotes daily departure awareness and also has become a member of the Cambodia Bus Association (CAMBA).

The company has its vision, mission, and strategic objectives as follows:


Phnom Penh Sorya Transportation will become a leading company in passengers transport services and recognize in the country and overseas.


Phnom Penh Sorya Transportation commits to provide professional services with code of ethics to all customers with high safety and everywhere responsive to customers’ needs.

Strategic objectives

  1. To improve the standards and quality of vehicles responsive to national and international standards.
  2. To improve the company’s support services for customers.
  3. To contribute towards improvement of social status and living standards of people in Cambodia.
  4. To contribute towards improvement of social ethics to traffic laws for reducing the traffic problems and accidents on public roads.
  5. To extend travel schedule to all provinces across the country for easy mobility of people from one to another place.

The company has so far provided best transportation services in Cambodia. However, in the light of present competition and market expansion as well as demand for quality and timely services from customers, the company has to improve its level of operations. In the present competitive environment, people have several alternative means of transportation to meet their desired travel. Therefore, to sustain in the market and to uphold the image in the minds of the customers, the company needs to improve its operational competencies.

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