Entry Cambodia Travel and Tours

A service-oriented culture means doing all we can to delight our customers, so as to achieve customer loyalty that paves the way for enduring relationships. 
Entry Cambodia Travel and Tours has established itself in 2017 as one of Cambodia’s travel agencies by consistently offering high levels of service excellence and innovation in our products and service. We aim to provide outstanding customer service and a unique travel experience for our customers.
Our Services: we provide tour planning and tour arrangements (flight tickets, hotels, transport and tours) for many countries all over the world. Our service shows our available of the shelf products which also allows for customization to personalize travels to your needs.
  • Sell air tickets
  • Hotel Booking
  • Visa arrangement and make new passport
  • Cambodian Visa arrangement
  • Sell Boat and bus ticket
  • Travel insurance
  • Apartment for rent in Bangkok
  • Health check up arrangement in Bangkok.

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