HE. Dr. Thong KhonMinister of Tourism


Dear Distinguished Guests,

On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Cambodia, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all visitors and investors to Cambodia - Kingdom of Wonder  As one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Southeast Asia, Cambodia’s rich heritage and natural resources offer a wide range of cultural and eco-tourism sites that are dynamic and sustainable. Highlights include Phnom Penh, the magnificent Angkor Wat, pristine beaches, fascinating wildlife including the near-extinct Mekong River Dolphins, just to name a few.


The Kingdom’s capital is a dynamic city where visitors are spoilt for choices with diverse pleasures; shopping, dining, sight-seeing and that unique exotic fragrance. As the country’s hub for commerce, politics and tourism, Phnom Penh is inspiring. This is also home to several important institutions and monuments such as the Royal Palace, the National Museum and Wat Phnom, the serene and peaceful hilltop temple, from where the city got its name.

The magnificent Angkor Wat, Heritage of Humanity and World Wonder, is probably the most exotic tourist destination in the world.  This majesty temple continues to amaze and delight visitors from around the globe.


The Mekong River, which runs through the country from north to south, is home to an incredible array of extraordinary sights for exploration; from waterfalls, river rapids, flooded rain forests, beautiful islands and, of course, the very rare Irrawaddy dolphins. The Mekong can be experienced in a variety of adventurous ways including boat trips, cycling routes and kayaking to remote islands. One may also do a day trip from the capital to visit The Silk Islands to witness the silk weaving process and bask in the spectacular river views.


Through the energetic efforts of the Royal Government of Cambodia under the brilliant and wise leadership of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the 9th-12th century sacred temple of Preah Vihear is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This temple, perched on the Dangrek Mountain on the north of Cambodia, was built during the reigns of King Yasovarman I and Soryavarman I & II and has been a favourite cultural and eco-tourism destination in Cambodia. Moreover, the election of Cambodia as a member of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO, is a distinct honor to the people of Cambodia and that helps to promote the country’s national prestige on the international arena. Cambodia is also extremely proud to be a member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club. Spread over the four provinces of Koh Kong, Preah Sihanouk, Kompot and Kep, the 440 km of idyllic coastline in the South Westerly part of the country, is an unspoiled natural wonder of warm, clear waters and beautiful, palm shaded pristine beaches. Full of exciting activities and vibrant nightlife, Preah Sihanouk is a favorite vacation spot for locals and foreigners alike, and the largely untouched islands that pepper the Preah Sihanouk coastline are ideal getaway spots for anyone seeking a touch of adventure and the seclusion of a tropical paradise.


The tranquil coastal province of Kep provides a perfect mix of sun-soaked beaches, luxurious resorts and sumptuous seafood delights. Freshly caught crabs traded and barbequed by the sea have become synonymous with the area.


Koh Kong and Kampot are the perfect destinations for the nature lover. Explore the enchanting lush mangrove forests of abundant natural eco-systems; home too many exotic species such as shore birds, lizards and sea-turtles and other forms of wildlife.


Given our country’s great potential, safe, clean and friendly environment, accentuated by the tourism promotion campaign “Kingdom of Wonder – Feel the Warmth” together with the competitive slogan “Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service and Best Hospitality”, I am confident that you will find Cambodia to be exciting, mesmerising, intriguing and interesting. This Tourism Handbook is especially designed to make your visit more enjoyable.


I wish you a pleasant stay in Cambodia - Kingdom of Wonder– Feel the Warmth.



Dr. Thong Khon Minister of Tourism